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Around ten years ago, a team of English chocolatiers came together in the beautiful county of Essex in Southern England. They sampled lots and lots of chocolate and dreamed of creating an irresistible drinking chocolate. Eventually  the Cocoa Canopy bean was born,  crafted to bring just the right amount of chocolate to your day and perfectly designed to melt and sprinkle easily. 

The beans have been enjoyed across Britain, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates for years, and now we’re so excited to bring them to the United States. 

The perfect iced or hot drinking chocolate or mocha is within reach – but that’s just the start of the chocolate journey we can take together.

Our beans are great as an ice cream topper, on pancakes, and melted for a delectable fruit fondue.

Look out for us in a grocery store this fall. 


Browse our delicious range of blends – there’s something for everyone.

“When you want the intense punch of high cocoa content but the creaminess of milk chocolate, who you gonna call? Cocoa Canopy, that’s who!”

The Independent

“The most delicious hot chocolate we’ve tasted – these tiny beads of chocolate melt to make a gorgeous drink.”

Runner’s World
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